Moringa products made in Cambodia

Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia.

Moringa products made in Cambodia




Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia.

Baca-Villa is an Organic Moringa social responsible corporate and is working constantly on innovative environmental initiatives.

(See our new project 2018-2020) “Establishment of Education Partnerships and Qualification of Supply Chains in the Cambodian Agriculture Sector”.

Organic certified by Eco-Cert for EUR/USDA/NOP (soon also JAS) & US FDA registered.

Baca-Villa grows organic Moringa with a social responsibility to farmers and in process with the BRC food safety Global Standards. Our constant tested products supporting immune health, improving general health, increasing energy levels, supporting weight management with the highest quality.

Organic Moringa products made by Baca Villa in Cambodia.

Organic Moringa farming at Cambodia

 The Moringa Oleifera is a miraculous tree, that’s why it’s the most nutrient tree ever discovered. Rich in very important vitamin, minerals and Amino-Acids. Compare Moringa with other types of nourishment and see the advantage…  

Besides its amazing nutrient value, Moringa holds many antioxidants, antibacterials, antimicrobial, antitoxins and antimycotics. That’s why Moringa has a variety of uses including medicinal. Moringa is an excellent natural organic source of necessary nutrients and energy.

Family : Moringa (Moringaceae)
 Moringa Oleifera Lam
 Synonym: Moringa pterygosperma Gaertn
 (Also called “Horseradish tree”).
 In Khmer “Mrum”.

There are 13 different kind of Moringa’s but the most famous is Moringa Oleifera. For a complete List of Moringa species, please take a look here.

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia of the highest quality. Our Organic Moringa farms are located in the beautiful countryside of Cambodia with all kind of organic herbs between the Moringa trees.

Organic moringa-land-baca-villaMoringa farm for seeds.


To retrieve the freshly picked Moringa leaves early at morning.

Baca-Villa organic Moringa farm, 100ha in the middle of the forest in Cambodia.

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa farm, 100ha in the middle of the forest in Cambodia.

Together with our Organic Moringa trees we’re growing Ginger, Ginger root fingers, Lemon grass, Lime, Turmeric white & red, Jasmin, Galangal, Neem (Sdau, also called Azadirachta indica) etc. all organic certificated by Eco Cert.

 Moringa Nutrient Facts

Moringa Nutrient composition


Fresh, pre-dry, dry organic Moringa leaves till powder


Our latest new oil cold press expelled machine presses of the best selected Moringa seeds the finest oil.

See our Organic Moringa Oleifera oil information

Beyond the food it produces and its water purification properties, the Moringa can be turned into wood, paper, liquid fuel, etc see the list below:
1. Food supplement
2. Tea and mixed tea, tablets and mixed tablets
3. Used in more than 300 medications
4. Fertilizer (Agricultural and horticultural)
5. Animal Food
6. Fish Aqua
7. Beauty products, cosmetics industry (also as Soap, Shampoo, Body lotion etc)
8. Industry (Oil)
9. Perfume (Flower)
10.Purifying water
11.Anti Mosquito
12.Chemo protective properties
13.Anti-Cancer Agent(cancer preventing properties)
14.Anti Diabetics activity
16.Biosecure Aquaculture
17.Carbon dioxide emissions
18.Anti Cholesterol Activity


Custom made products, design, packaging, white label is our expertise

If you want to bring our products onto the market under your own name and packaging, including Organic, contact us and we will be happy to help you.
If you have a new Moringa product in mind or in a composition with other products, we like to think along with you and have a lot of expertise and experience.

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In order to continue and warranty a tailor made service,
please contact us:

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia with the highest quality.

Looking forward to working with you.

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    Made in Cambodia !

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Moringa Presentation PowerPoint: Mr. Foidl THE Scientist from Moringa, explains:
Today, scientists are beginning to investigate the traditional claims about Moringa.
Let’s take a look at what they have found…

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J7-Hotel and Moringa Wellness Spa The Moringa Wellness Spa in the J7 hotel Siem Reap is easily one of the most luxurious and extensive in the city.
Tavoos-welness-Siem-Reap-Moringa Tavoos is a venue for inspiration, wellness and gatherings. A much needed group of services all under one roof for the fast expanding town of Siem Reap.

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia with the highest quality.

We thank all Universities and students who run their internship at Baca-Villa every year to gain experience and contribute to updating and improving processes and further developing new products., and

Moringa products made in Cambodia

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia of the highest quality.