Baca Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia

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Baca Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia.

Produced to the highest quality standards!

The Moringa Oleifera is a miraculous tree, It’s the most nutrient tree ever discovered. Rich in very important vitamin, Minerals and Amino-Acids. Compare Moringa with other types of nourishment and see the advantage…

Spirulina is a nutrient-rich micro algae that contains more than 65% protein. This is more than any other food including meat and fish.

Baca Villa Organic Certified Moringa Farming and Manufacturing.
We are a self-supporting social enterprise.

The Best for your health !  Made in Cambodia !


Our Organic Moringa farm at the countryside of Cambodia.

Besides its amazing nutrient value, Moringa holds many antioxidants, antibacterials, antimicrobials, antitoxins and antimycotics. That is why Moringa has a variety of uses including medicinal.
Moringa is an excellent natural organic source of necessary nutrients and energy.

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Baca Villa Organic Moringa Products



Our Organic Moringa products are certified by COrAA

Meen made by our self

Meen made by our self

Organic 120 fine mesh Moringa Powder

Organic 120 fine mesh Moringa Powder

– All certificates as, organic, microbiological, chemical and Physical characteristics    analyses on request available.
– We are export licensed.
– November 2015 we will be International Organic certified.
– We are working confirm Europe standards and HACCP.
– Our zip bags are international food grade certified !
– Our Moringa information is available in: English, Khmer, Korean, Chinese and Dutch languages.

Apsara TV presence Organic Moringa Baca-Villa Productions

Fresh Green Moringa Leaves

Fresh Green Organic hand sorted Moringa Leaves



Organic Moringa Powder in Zip bags


100% Moringa seeds Oil 10Ml


Moringa, Moringa-Honey, Moringa-Spirulina tablets, also in bulk available.


Pure Moringa Oil 30Ml

The Beautiful Moringa Flower

The Beautiful Moringa Flower

Moringa Cleaned Seeds

Cleaned Seeds


Peeled Moringa Seeds



All our Organic Moringa products are available in powder, Tea leaves with or without stems, Tablets all kind of types, flavor and tastes, natural Moringa soap, seeds Oil, seeds (cleaned, peeled) and visit our Spirulina tablets….Spirulina Tablets mixed with Moringa. Spirulina is also made in Cambodia.
The advantage of tablets its easy to consume and Ideal for vegans and vegetarians.
And more Moringa products are coming.

-We have our own Organic Moringa farm education program.
-We have our own purify water education program.

In Cambodia we are also experts in food consultancy & training in the field of agriculture, food safety and quality management.

Beyond the food it produces and its water purification properties, the Moringa can be turned into wood, paper and liquid fuel. Oil extracted from its seeds won’t spoil or turn rancid, so it can be used in cooking, cosmetics, as a preservative and as a machinery lubricant. See our

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Organic entrepreneurship Baca-Villa and Moringa in Cambodia, by Dr., M.Sc. José Manuel Ramos, Doctor in Natural Resources and Sustainable management with specialization in Agroecology, awarded by the University of Cordoba in Spain.

Read this interesting book from Robert A Webster: Diabetes 2 safely lower your blood sugar with Moringa.

If you like to stay in Siem Reap visit our Moringa friends at “Green Leaf Boutique Hotel“

The Best for your Health !  Made in Cambodia !

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Baca Villa Productions Co Ltd
Head office at Siem Reap Cambodia.

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Moringa is a miraculous tree, It's the most nutrient tree ever discovered.
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