Baca Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia.

BACA VILLA Organic Moringa products
made at Cambodia.

The Moringa Oleifera is a miraculous tree, It’s the most nutrient tree ever discovered.

Rich in very important vitamin, Minerals and Amino-Acids. Compare Moringa with other nourishment types and see the advance…also used for a wide range of practical ranging from agriculture to medicine to fuel.

Spirulina is a micro algae which contains more than 65% protein. This is more than any other food including meat and fish.

with the highest quality standard you may expect.

Baca Villa Organic Certified Moringa Farming and manufacture is a itself supported Social Enterprise.

 The Best for your Health !  Made in Cambodia !


Our Organic Moringa farm at the countryside of Cambodia.

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Our Organic Moringa products are certified by COrAA

5 Years ago (2010) you didn’t see Moringa farms in Cambodia, when we started everybody asked what’s that….but the old generation know them very well….

Why Cambodia ? Cambodia has still plenty of land, 80% of the population lives in the countryside and the temperature is excellent. The majority are rice farmers although the agriculture is coming up with more diversity. Besides the rice clay there is excellent soil we have seen growing the Moringa trees Monthly up to 50cm. Harvest can be done the whole year as only in October during heavy rain we don’t prune.

Our Moringa products are fresh from our Own Moringa farm at the countryside of Siem Reap. See our Moringa farm pictures; we are using local tree leaves as natural fertilizer which don’t harm the nature.

Meen made by our self

Meen made by our self

Moringa-Powder-bulkFinest 120 mesh Organic Moringa powder

Besides the amazing nutrient value, the Moringa holds many antioxidants, antibacterial, antimicrobial antitoxin and antimycotic materials, is the tree consecrated with a large use of variety for medical use.

This makes that the Moringa leaves are so such a natural organic source been for the daily necessary vitamin, Minerals and Energy in our body.

 Our high educated quality team is constantly testing, analyses our products and research new products to ensure our end-products has the highest quality.

If you prefer bulk dry Moringa leaves, tea branch, powder, Tablets per Kg (in different weight), Moringa soap (all kind of style, design, own label), please contact us.

Apsara TV presence Organic Moringa Baca-Villa Productions

Fresh Green Moringa Leaves

Fresh Green Organic hand sorted Moringa Leaves


Dry Moringa Leaves

Organic Moringa Powder

Organic Moringa Powder


All kind of Multi Tablets Products



100% Moringa seeds Oil


Handmade Natural Moringa soap

Normal Moringa seeds

Normal Moringa seeds

Moringa cleaned Seeds

Moringa cleaned seeds


Peeled Moringa seeds

The Beautiful Moringa Flower

The Beautiful Moringa Flower


Not only we like Moringa….

Our products are sold everywhere in Cambodia and exported to: Asian, US, Europe, UK etc
– All certificates as, organic, microbiological, chemical and Physical    characteristics  analyses on request available.
– We are export licensed.
– 2015 we will be International Organic certified.
– We are working confirm Europe standards and HACCP.
– Our zip bags are international food grade certified !
– Our Moringa information is available in: English, Khmer, Korean, Chinese and Dutch languages.

For MORINGA Recommendations for daily allowances (RDA). Moringa’s Green Superfoods, visit here.

Latest Advancement in Moringa Farming
Moringa, the multi-purpose tree to promote the sustainability of its production, processing, utilization, marketing and trade as well as consumption for health and vitality, industry profitability and competitiveness in the context of globalization.
Moringa pursuing the unique suitability of all parts of the plant for a wide range of practical purposes ranging from agricultural to medicinal to fuel.