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Moringa News from Cambodia.

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017Happy New Year 2017

We, Baca-Villa Productions Co Ltd, would like to say to you all
“Happy New Year 2017”.

Dear Value customers, we also would like say thank you for buying our products everywhere in the world in name of us all: the farmers, our employees from Baca-Villa, distributors etc etc, the people behind the scene, the students of the intern scholarship etc etc.

2016 was a hectic year with ups and downs, but we learned a lot more.
2017 will be a challenges with a lot of new Moringa ideas ! You have probably already seeing our new Moringa – Turmeric capsules and tablets (you can read more here….) but more is coming soon….mixed with interesting Cambodian herbs, Moringa food and Moringa beauty products.
We will update you in-time here (More Moringa news here.).

At the same time we’re working with many companies together which have a lot of experience in organic certificated bio fertilizer development and uses, organic farming, experience in improving processes, researching in new products, Food law etc. We will also working on water and water irrigation recycling, garbage waste recycling etc.

As you can see we don’t just simply grow and produce products !

In 2017 we all at Baca-Villa are ready to serve you !

Did you know that we have many customers where we produce on request special Moringa products under its own label and packaging ? Interesting ? Mail us.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions.
With the best regards, the Baca-Villa Team.



4TH GLOBAL MORINGA MEET 20164th Global Moringa meet 2016

This International workshop to deliberate and focus on the growing and harvesting of Moringa.

This workshop from April 29 & 30, 2016, Jaipur, India will also provide a unique opportunity for open discussions & exchange of views about the issues pertaining to Moringa business.

An unique knowledge platform to share the latest information on advances in Moringa research & development, production systems, commercial track of Moringa and more.

Advanced Biofuel Center (ABC)’s 4th Global Moringa Meet focuses on the entire Moringa production from Ground zero to scale. Topics are carefully selected to cover the agronomy, horticulture, biology, engineering, marketing and financial aspects of Moringa commercialization. ABC is recognized as an important platform for productive exchanges among the academic, commercial and investment communities. Join us at this unique knowledge platform to share the latest information on advances in Moringa research & development, production systems, commercial track of Moringa and more. This shall address biofuels-related topic within four thematic areas: environment and human well-being, economics, technology, and geography.

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Making money through Moringa farming

Making money through Moringa farmingMaking money through Moringa farming

Over the years Moringa plant farming has continued to flourish, as many farmers seize opportunities it offers for them to earn a living. It is a plant said to have enormous benefits for mankind.

Farmers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are beginning to use any available space to cultivate Moringa as it is said to be in high demand in the city.
Apo is home and farm to some police officers who will not just fold their hands and feel comfortable with what they earn but do something to earn additional cash.
It is common sight to see tick green Moringa farms as one drives towards the Apo mechanic village.
One of the farmers, a police inspector (who prefers to remain anonymous), said she ventured into moringa farming in Apo because of the money she makes from it.
The farm is a means of earning additional income to her salary. Continue reading

Moringa Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

thegreenleafboutique-Siem-Reap-wit-swimming-poolMoringa Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

Green Leaf Boutique Hotel

We are a group of Canadian Humanitarian workers who fell in love with Cambodia. A non-profit hotel with funds going e.g. towards our unique Moringa tree water purification program.

Organic Moringa from Baca-Villa by Green-Leaf Hotel at Siem-Reap

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Poultry Moringa News

Poultry Moringa NewsPoultry Moringa News

Indian Poultry Feed Researcher wins First Nor-Feed Award

INDIA – Mr Karthivashan Govindarajan, PhD candidate, has won the first edition of the Veterinarian Nor-Feed Award thanks to his work on the nutritional role of Moringa oleifera extracts on broilers.

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Organic Moringa Cambodia

Organic Moringa Cambodia

Moringa Food Supplements from Baca Villa.

Organic Moringa Cambodia

Nursery Organic Moringa

Organic certified against the Cambodian and International Organic Standards.

Our high educated quality team is constantly testing, analyses our products and research new products to ensure our end-products has the highest quality.

Moringa oleifera Lam (synonym: Moringa pterygosperma Gaertner) belongs to a onogeneric family of shrubs and tree, Moringaceae. 

Moringa is one of the most useful tropical trees. The relative ease with which it propagates through both sexual and asexual means and its low demand for soil nutrients and water after being planted make its production and management easy. Introduction of this plant into a farm which has a biodiverse environment can be beneficial for both the owner of the farm and the surrounding eco-system.

Moringa is a fast growing, perennial tree which can reach a maximum height of 7-12 m and a diameter of 20-40 cm at chest height.

The stem is normally straight but occasionally is poorly formed. The tree grows with a short, straight stem that reaches a height of 1.5-2 m before it begins branching but can reach up to 3,0 m. The extended branches grow in a disorganized manner and the canopy is umbrella shaped.

The alternate, twice or thrice pinnate leaves grow mostly at the branch tips. They are 20-70 cm long, grayish-downy when young, long petiole with 8-10 pairs of pinnae each bearing two pairs of opposite, elliptic or obovate leaflets and one at the apex, all 1-2 cm long; with glands at the bases of the petioles and pinnae (Morton, 1991).

The flowers, which are pleasantly fragrant, and 2.5 cm wide are produced profusely in axillary, drooping panicles 10 to 25 cm long. They are white or cream colored and yellow-dotted at the base. The five reflexed sepals are linear-lanceolate. The five petals are slender-spatulate. They surround the five stamens and five staminodes and are reflexed except for the lowest (Morton, 1991).

The fruits are three lobed pods which hang down from the branches and are 20-60 cm in length. When they are dry they open into 3 parts. Each pod contains between 12 and 35 seeds.

The seeds are round with a brownish semi-permeable seed hull. The hull itself has three white wings that run from top to bottom at 120-degree intervals. Each tree can produce between 15,000 and 25,000 seeds/year. The average weight per seed is 0.3 g and the kernel to hull ratio is 75 : 25 (Makkar and Becker, 1997). 

 The Best for your Health !  Made in Cambodia !


Organic Moringa Cambodia

Organic Moringa Oil and Natural Soap from Baca Villa Cambodia

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Global Moringa meeting 2015

Global Moringa Meeting 2015Global Moringa meeting 2015

discusses Moringa nutrition and food.

This Moringa Meet aims to stimulate a discussion on the burning theme of “Moringa Agriculture for sustainable growth: challenges and opportunities for a new ‘green revolution’?  This meeting assumes much greater significance now to understand the crop and devise a mean for harness its potentiality.
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Moringa Biofuels

Moringa Biofuels.

The oil from the Moringa tree is considered to be a more sustainable biodiesel feedstock as it can yield both food and fuel.

Among those searching for solutions to feed the hungry, Moringa is well known. Malnourished children flourish with the introduction of the nutritious Moringa leaf crop, which provides protein, vitamins and minerals in their diets. The Moringa tree is native to India and grown in tropical and subtropical regions across Asia, Africa and South America. It is also grown as an ornamental tree in the southern United States.

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Moringa-Spirulina super tablets

Moringa-Spirulina super tablets.

Siem Reap Spirulina

Moringa-Spirulina super tablets.

More power than a complete meal.

Moringa-Spirulina Tablets

Moringa-Spirulina Tablets

Spirulina is a micro algae which contains more than 65% protein. This is more than any other food including meat and fish. Proteins are necessary for maintaining tissues, supporting growth and making hormones in the human body. Spirulina contains 18 amino acids including the 8 essential. It is also rich in vitamins and nutrients and is low in fat.

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Moringa is an economically important tree and vegetable

Moringa is an economically important tree and vegetable.

Moringa is an economically important tree and vegetable.

Scientific Support & Reference Citations

Summary (All Essential Benefits/Effects/Facts & Information).

Moringa oleifera is a tree that is sometimes called the Tree of Life or a Miracle Tree, but rather than this being in reference to its potential medicinal usage this is actually referring to how it is a very valuable food crop (it is drought resistant, grows very fast, and is highly nutritive) and even beyond food it serves many benefits in third world countries such as having an ability to be used for some crafts (due to being a tree) and cleaning water.
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