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Moringa at Cambodia is coming

Moringa at Cambodia is coming. It offers perfect conditions for Moringa trees.Moringa at Cambodia is coming. It offers perfect conditions for Moringa trees.

The organic Moringa value chain is an ideal crop since it grows year around, it supplements the daily meal with important minerals and vitamins. As Moringa is in most Western Countries a new product the market demand is growing rapidly.

It’s BACA-VILLA long term business interest to support the farmers and people in the rural Cambodia with measurements that they will be able to keep their land and provide a better life in terms of income, housing, hygiene, health and welfare.

Cambodia has one of the highest levels of forest cover in the region this makes it rich in natural resources and biological diversity – among the bio-richest countries in Southeast Asia. It offers perfect conditions for Moringa trees.

Moringa at Cambodia offers perfect conditions for cultivate Moringa trees not only the forest also the climate is excellent, Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia in the tropical zone, just 10-13 degrees north off the equator.
Furthermore >than 60% of the population is working in the agriculture and because the soil is from excellent high quality, the Moringa tree likes it here very much, which also means it stimulates the agriculture economy for the farmers.

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First International Organic Moringa certification in Cambodia

First International Organic Moringa certification in Cambodia.First International Organic Moringa certification in Cambodia.

All Products of Baca Villa are International Organic Certificated.

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All Products are International Organic Certificated

The following products are officially organic:

  • Moringa Tea Sachets
  • Moringa Tea Dry Leaves
  • Moringa Powder
  • Moringa Tablets
  • Moringa Oil
  • Moringa Seeds

There are many misunderstandings about the terms “organic” and “chemical free”.

Chemical free is a marketing term that is known to be misleading. In many studies, it has been the subject of criticism. (Wikipedia – Chemical free)

Organic farming does not allow synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic farming features practices that promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. (Wikipedia – Organic food)

The organic market is a fast-growing market, especially in Asia, Europe, US and Canada. In the US there was a 40 percent growth in 2014.

An organic certification is good news and very important for the development of the agriculture in Cambodia and the farmers income. A good organic farmer earns more compared to a conventional farmer. About 80 percent of people in Cambodia are farmers, so many opportunities for them.

For Baca Villa Productions Co Ltd the certification is a big step forward in making Organic Moringa for Cambodian businesses and for export to foreign countries.

With many thanks to all the employees of Baca-Villa Productions Co Ltd!

More news at : https://blog.baca-villa.com/moringa-news-from-cambodia/