Moringa helps farmers

Moringa helps farmers.

No improvement without education.

Moringa helps farmers.

Monthly 2-days Moringa organic training


Natural pesticide education

That the Moringa tree is a special tree we already knew, and that this tree is known from fresh, cooked or dried leaves without loss of nutritional value as vitamins, calcium, iron, antioxidants and the 9 essential amino acids is known.

Moringa helps farmers. But that this Moringa tree also ensures that farmers get a better life is less known. These farmers who until recently cultivated cassava or bananas or corn etc where after the harvest was not paid the promised price is widely known. Moringa farmers receive a predetermined price for their harvest on contract so that the farmers can also work on their future, send their children to school, have water and a toilet and thus build a better social life.


2-days Monthly Farmers Training at Cambodia Organic Moringa farms

No improvement without education:
Our farmers receive every Month a 2-day training in agriculture, says CEO and Founder Jan Camp of Baca-Villa Productions Co Ltd from Cambodia.
It is very important to us that all parties are thought of, not just the business model.
If you want to deliver quality to your customers you have to start with the farmers.
Everyone likes to hear the term social responsibility but forget how it arises and what you have to do to really do and be.

Consumers will also have to understand that something more will have to be paid for this.
Small scales, biodiversity, sustainable organic products without pesticides as opposed to large-scale chemistry agriculture industry costs a little more and really not much more, your health is worth more.

Everyone talks today about supply chain but forget that if we do not have farmers we have no products. Paying attention to the farmers there begins everything and that is education. We explain to farmers how to increase biodiversity why that is important. We explain why organic farming is much better and how do you grow that. We explain techniques that can generate higher yields. Then you work on a perfect supply chain.
Women play an important role in this, they manage the money and work hard, says Jan.



Organic Moringa Flower

From Moringa seeds we can increase the Moringa farms for leaves. We will continue to expand the oil properties of the Moringa, and there is a future for the farmers. By growing the Moringa trees only for oil means a new future for many farmers, from the seeds and flowers of the Moringa we can get a lot out of them, Extracting the flowers, cold press of the Moringa seeds, the demand is enormous and will only but increase. Form the seeds we can make many Oil products, for the food chain, for the cosmetics industry, pure diesel, water purification etc etc too many to mention.


Here, too, it is important that our own staff also receive education, because extracting oil and pressing is a technique that you have to learn the latest techniques, and learn about international requirements.

Education and Moringa must be closely linked to each other.
Through collaboration with Universities and a good professional quality department, new Moringa products can also emerge.

The Moringa market is still in full swing in the coming years, but do not forget the farmers when you buy a product.

Data show that Moringa “is experiencing explosive growth”, with a growth of 460% between 2014-2017 …. That promised some more for the coming years, we can still make many farmers happy.

Enjoy your Moringa 😉


Organic Moringa at Cambodia

Moringa with Lemongrass boost your body

Moringa with Lemongrass boost your body.

Moringa with Lemongrass boost your body.

Organic Lemongrass Farm at Cambodia

The freshness of Organic lemongrass mixed with dried Moringa leaves has a delicious fresh tea.
Excellent to use after a night out or with a sickly cold feeling.
The combination of these two excellent products gives a boost to your body.

Both Organic Lemongrass and Moringa are available throughout the year.
Available as Tea, powder and tablets and fresh but fresh limited shelf life.

Knowing more ? Mail us, we can also make a customer-made mix.

What you would like to know about Lemongrass read here:


Fresh Organic Lemongrass

Refreshing, citrus-scented lemongrass imparts a unique flavor to the recipes. It’s rough, tufted stems and leaf buds are among the most sought-after herbal parts employed in an array of cuisine all over South and East Asian regions so also in Cambodia.

Botanically, this herb belongs to the grass family of Poaceae. Scientific name: Cymbopogon citratus. The herb is one of the popular ingredients used in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia and as far as African and American continents for its culinary and medicinal purposes.

Scientific name: Zingiber officinale.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) grows in dense clumps that emerge from the tough bulbous base with a spread of about one meter width and about three feet in height. Its bright green leaves with sharp edges feature in appearance similar to that of grass. It flourishes in fertile, well-draining sandy soils under tropical climates receiving torrential rains.

Several cultivars of Cymbopogon based upon their origin, culinary, and oil properties grew around the world at commercial levels. East-Indian lemongrass (C. citratus) is an important culinary herb used extensively in the cooking in many East Asian countries. The Indian or Malabar lemongrass (C. flexuosus), on the contrary, employed predominantly in the perfume industry due to its limited myrcene content.

Health benefits of lemongrass

  • Lemongrass herb has numerous health benefiting essential oils, chemicals, minerals and vitamins that are known to have anti-oxidant and disease preventing properties.
  • The herb carries 99 calories per 100 g but contains no cholesterol.
  • The chief chemical component in lemongrass herb is citral or lemonal, an aldehyde responsible for its unique lemon Citral also has strong antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
  • Additionally, its herb parts also carry other essential oils such as myrcene, citronellol, methyl heptanone, di pentene, geraniol, limonene, geranyl acetate, nerol, These compounds are known to have counter-irritant, rubefacient, insecticidal, antifungal and anti-septic properties.
  • Its leaves and stems are very good in folate (100 g leaves and stem provide about 75 µg or 19% of RDA). Folates play a vital role in cell division and DNA synthesis. When given during the peri-conception period, they can help prevent neural tube defects in the baby.
  • Its herb parts are also rich in many invaluable essential vitamins such as pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B-6) and thiamin (vitamin B-1). These vitamins are essential in the sense that body requires them from external sources to replenish.
  • Furthermore, fresh herb contains small amounts of anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin-C and vitamin-A.

Lemon grass herb, whether fresh or dried, is a rich source of minerals like potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids, which helps control heart rate and blood pressure. The human body uses manganese as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase.


Nutrients facts Moringa-LemonGrass

Lemongrass features in many East Asian cuisines. Fresh chopped stems, leaf buds as well as dried or ground herb parts used in cooking.

The herb imparts distinctive lemon flavor when cut or crushed due to the release of essential oil citral. Before eating discard tough stems and fibers as they are unchewable.

Here are some serving tips:

  • Lemongrass is one of popular ingredient in many cuisines since its delicate flavor combines well with fish, seafood, meat, and poultry.
  • It widely used in soups, stir-fries, marinades, curries, etc., in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia.
  • Tom yum is a favorite soup name in Thailand. The soup made of fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, and crushed chili peppers. Tom yum is usually added with shrimp, prawns, fish, poultry or mushrooms.
  • Lemon grass tea is a very refreshing beverage.
  • Its fine buds and stems used as a garnish in salads.
  • Ground dried lemongrass powder Mixed or not with Moringa Powder, used instead of raw stalks in marinades.

This herb is also as flavoring base in pickles.

Medicinal uses of lemongrass

  • Pharmacologically, citral compound has been used in the commercial production of vitamin-A.
  • Lemongrass is one of the favored herbs used in herbal teas.
  • It is also helpful in relieving colitis, indigestion, and gastro-enteritis ailments.
  • Lemongrass oil when used in aromatherapies revitalizes the body and helps relieve symptoms of a headache, body ache, nervous exhaustion, and stress-related conditions.
  • Its infusions often employed to help relieve infections such as sore throats, laryngitis, bronchitis, etc.

Lemongrass oil is used in massage therapy as a muscle and skin-toner. (Medical disclaimer).

Safety profile:
Lemongrass oil can cause skin irritation in some individuals when used in perfumes, cosmetics and as a massage oil. (Medical disclaimer).

Further Resources:
USDA National Nutrient data base.


Organic Moringa-Lemongrass Tablets

An overview of a food plant with multiple medicinal uses MORINGA OLEIFERA

An overview of a food plant with multiple medicinal uses : MORINGA OLEIFERAAn overview of a food plant with multiple medicinal uses : MORINGA OLEIFERA

A review article of Research from plant parts of the Moringa:

This review focuses on the detailed phytochemical composition, medicinal uses, along with pharmacological properties of different parts of this multipurpose tree.

This review focuses on the detailed phytochemical composition, medicinal uses, along with pharmacological properties of different parts of this multipurpose tree.

Always consult a doctor if you want to use the Moringa as a medical line.

As you can see, the medical properties are incredibly large but a lot more research needs to be done. So many things have not yet been investigated or should be further intensively investigated. I hope that we all continue researching the beautiful properties of this Moringa plant so that in the future we can benefit even more from the Moringa.

In Cambodia too, we do a lot of research into the Moringa possibilities, but then as a food supplement with leaves, oil extract and cold press together with other companies, Universities and consultancies.
We are working hard on improvements in the growth of the Moringa tree and potential future opportunities for the Moringa in the Food and Oil sector. We also help prevent malnutrition and help farmers improve agricultural opportunities through monthly education.

Read the full research here

If you want to know more about us, please contact us here.

–         More : The potential of Moringa tree for poverty alleviation and rural development: Review of evidences on…

More Baca-Villa news here:

This was An overview of a food plant with multiple medicinal uses MORINGA OLEIFERA


What has 2018 been an eventful Moringa year

What has 2018 been an eventful Moringa year!

What has 2018 been an eventful Moringa year!

What has 2018 been an eventful Moringa year!. Our new state-of-the-art factory is operational, lots of new machines, new customers, working on BRC Global Food safety, working on expanding organic farms, adding new products, expanding our quality service etc etc.

New state of the art Factory Baca-Villa at Cambodia

New Packaging-room-Baca-Villa

In July our Grand evening opening of the PPP!
More will be added in 2019!

What’s on the program for 2019:
2019 through our new Solar drying machines program we will be drying solar energy on farms, much improvement for farmers (higher income farmers, much higher capacity).
2019 +/- 25 new Organic farms and Organic certifications.
2019 New expansion of our product range.
2019 Baca will come with a great surprise in the field of research and the development of a new Moringa product.
2019 Obtaining the BRC Global food safety Certificate
2019 Workshops training in Oils extract and qualifying and analyzing through GS-MS in accordance with international requirements.

With many thanks to all our people in Baca-Villa who have made an incredible contribution to this success, without them it would have been impossible to realize this.


We wish you all happy holidays, and we would like to see you all back in 2019.



Latest Baca-Villa Portfolio here….

The benefits from Organic products

The benefits from Organic products.

Organic Lemongrass farm at Cambodia

The benefits from Organic products.

Consumers increasingly want to be sure that they will not eat any chemical pesticides and medicines which are generally used to treat regular fruit, veg, meat and fish.

Not only the emission of contamination in nature such as oil, waste, incineration all contributes to pollution of our environment and therefore also our food.

That is why Organic came on the market, fresh products that do not contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial substances.

The Independent newspaper about Organic “Eating organic food lowers risk of certain cancers, study suggests. Less exposure to chemical pesticides may be key to reduced rates, research indicates. Because of their lower exposure to pesticide residues, it can be hypothesised that high organic food consumers may have a lower risk of developing cancer,” said lead author Julia Baudry. “If the findings are confirmed, promoting organic food consumption in the general population could be a promising preventive strategy against cancer.” published an article at:


Organic Galangal


Organic Ginger


Fresh Organic Turmeric


Dried Black Ginger and as Powder

The meaning of Organic is: “Produced or associated with production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents”.

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Organic Moringa supply chain in Cambodia.

Organic Moringa supply chain in Cambodia.

Organic Moringa supply chain in Cambodia.

The supply chain is the heart of a company’s operations.

Supply chain management (SCM) is the broad range of activities required to plan, control and execute a product’s flow, from acquiring raw materials and production through distribution to the final customer, in the most streamlined, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and social way possible.


Moringa and other herbal schemes supply chains:

1.Together with the Agri-Supervisor, supply the requested raw materials on time (The      farmers are provided with an agreement with a clear instruction) with regard to always and repeatedly delivering the right desired and requested quantity according to the (organic) customer requirements.
2. And it is also responsible that the right amount of organic crops has been grown in time in accordance with the demand of the sales forecast.

Pickup flow chart (Picking up products from the farms through the plots conform instructions and manufacturing department and sales.)

Manufacturing supply conform customers individual requirements.

Traceability: Agri-Supervisor, Production Manager, Quality department, Accounting, Sales make sure together that the traceability is constant update control the day-to-day flow of goods and materials up and down the supply chain conform the quality requirements of the customer.

Packaging & Delivering conform customer’s individual requirements (Production, Quality, Sales and Transport responsibly).

Transport in time, without delay, conform customers individual delivering requirements.

Sales versus Customers, contact, quality-report, delivering, forecast, new product development and communicate down the supply chain.

Information Flows:
Information flows allow the various supply chain partners to coordinate their long-term plans, and to control the day-to-day flow of goods and materials up and down the supply chain.

The Eight Components of Supply Chain Management:
• Planning. This is one of the most important stages. …
• Information. The world today is dominated by a continuous flow of information. …
• Source. Suppliers play a very crucial role in supply chain management systems. …
• Inventory. …
• Production. …
• Location. …
• Transportation. …
• Return of goods…










Organic Moringa Fresh Leaves: The Moringa plant is known worldwide for its nutritional and medicinal benefits and industrial uses. It’s one of the most useful tropical trees. Almost every part of the Moringa plant has nutritional value.

Nutritional value analysis of Moringa oleifera  pods, fresh leaves and dried leaf powder per 100 grams of edible portion (source: Fuglie, 2001).Nutritional-Value-Moringa

  1. i) increase food security,
    ii) economic growth, and
    iii) improving nutrition. In addition, devote time to the need for better access to agricultural inputs, training in horticulture, food, business skills and cooperative development.

More about SCM:
The Importance of Supply Chain Management

By questions, please mail us : Baca-Villa Team

Education & Qualification in the Cambodian Agriculture

Education & Qualification in the Cambodian Agriculture.

Education farmer’s, technical training employees and GC-MS analyses at the University.

Education & Qualification in the Cambodian Agriculture.

Baca Villa proudly announces the kick-off for a 2-year project in collaboration with the French Pharmaceutical giant, Pierre Fabre.

Education and Qualification in the Cambodian Agriculture address farmer’s education in organic farming and responsible cultivation of plants and herbs for vegetable oil manufacturing.

Establishment of Education Partnerships and Qualification of Supply Chains in the Cambodian Agriculture Sector.

Education and Qualification in the Cambodian Agriculture project is co-funded by the program that the Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (DEG) implements on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). This developmental program was set up by the BMZ to provide aid to companies in developing and emerging nations through socially responsible investment, funds and professional support, when necessary.

The aim of this project is to set up educational structures, partnerships and appropriate qualifications of supply chains, farmers and technicians in the Cambodian agriculture sector. It also seeks to provide education to local farmers in organic standards and to students, lecturers and technicians in the field of food technology and analysis, to implement internationally recognized environmental and social standards. The achievement of all objectives set over the course of this project, will ensure the creation of jobs for many locals in the agricultural sector of Cambodia. One main measure to achieve the goals is the strategic partnership between private and academic institutions such as Pierre Fabre, Baca Villa and the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC).

With more than 3000m2, Baca Villa, accommodates a state-of-the-art advanced factory in Siem Reap and has been producing organic Moringa food and pressed oil products along with upscale cosmetics, sold to customers around the globe. Baca Villa’s mission is to provide quality organic food supplements, which meet the highest quality standards in organic farming and cultivation of plants and herbs benefiting the company’s customers health and the environment. This collaboration will bring great benefits to both Baca Villa and Pierre Fabre in reaching their goals to further diversify its product range and establish and create a greater long-term consumer base for itself, while Pierre Fabre is seeking to engage in strategic partnership to grow organic herbs and extract oils, which will be used in the manufacturing of their pharmaceutical products, using the highest quality standards. The objectives of this project primarily encompass training and the provision of workshops for the qualification of farmers, technical staff at Baca Villa and the students from the academic partners (ITC), to ensure that Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are maintained, starting from farming to the final stage of manufacturing. Hence, it is crucial for participants of these trainings to be aware of the requirements of Ecocert Organic Standards and the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Qualification of 100 Farmers:
100 Farmers will be trained in the Ecocert Organic Standard, with the goal of qualifying at least 50 farmers receiving organic certification by Ecocert by the end of the 2-year project.

Qualification of Students:
The workshops, training’s and internship opportunities will cover topics such as: Ecocert Organic Standard, Good Agriculture and Collection Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, as well as sustainable strategies for agroindustry waste and by-products from oil pressing.

Qualification of Technical Staff:
Baca Villa Technical Staff will receive training’s on plant extraction, oil manufacturing process optimization, and sustainable supply chain management.

Project Development and Supervision:
The task of project supervision will be delegated to suPPPort ltd, a sustainability consultancy with many years of experience in the field of projects.

Education Qualification in the Cambodian Agriculture.

More info, please mail us.

More news here.

Moringa Oleifera extract use as bio-fertilizer during drought.

Moringa Oleifera extract use as bio-fertilizer during drought.


A biofertilizer (also bio-fertilizer) is a substance which contains living microorganisms which, when applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil, colonize the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. An extract is a substance made by extracting a part of a raw material.

Moringa leaves extracts can be used to alleviate the adverse effect of water deficit stress. Research has shown that Moringa Oleifera leaves extract offers a solution. 

In dry areas, agriculture is a recurrent problem, water!
Without water, no, low or bad harvest!

Drought caused significant decreases in growth parameters (shoot and root length, fresh and dry weight of shoots and roots) and photosynthetic pigments (chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotenoids and total pigments).

Drought is abiotic stress limiting factors of plant growth and yields thus negatively affect production of over 25% of world agriculture. Deficit of soil water caused significant reduction in photochemical activities in some plants, reduction in the activities of enzymes responsible for some processes like respiration, translocation, hormone balance, macro and micro nutrients uptake and metabolism (Rohbakhsh, 2013).

Moringa leaf extract (MLE 30) could trigger the activation of physiological compounds persist in plants to alleviate the oxidative damage causing by drought, leading to improvements in physiological and biochemical aspects for the plant growth under drought conditions.

Moringa oleifera leaves extract (MLE) is the most natural plant growth enhancer, has no cost and enhance the tolerance of plants under different environmental conditions like drought. Drought stress has destructive effect on the content of cytokinin in plant. On the other hand, the high level of zeatin makes Moringa leaves extract (MLE) more effective as a natural compound promoting plant tolerance under stress conditions (Zaki & Rady, 2015).

Inorganic ions such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) have important roles in plant mechanisms. The decline in soil water actually reduces nutrient ions uptake and nutrient transport in plants (Sardans & Penuelas, 2012).The inhibition in nutrient uptake by plants under water stress is related to reduction in transpiration process, impaired active transport and membrane permeability (Tanguilig et al., 1987).

Leaf extract of Moringa Oleifera plants has been reported to be a rich source of many minerals such as Ca, P, Na, Mg, K, Fe and others that can be valorized for nutrition balance in plants (Moyo et al., 2011).

Moringa leaf extract fertilization. Sivakumar & Ponnusami (2011) realized the increased uptake and accumulations of some nutritive elements as N, K, Ca, Mg and P as well as Fe in roots and shoots of several plants by using Moringa leaf extract. MLE is supposed to accelerate the nutrient uptake and translocation through the plant by increasing the root membranes permeability for electrolytes, preventing nutrients fixation and increasing its mobility in soil.



Results presented in Table, showed that, plant growth parameters (shoot and root length, fresh and dry weights of shoots and roots) of drought stressed Glycine max plants were affected. Data showed that the effect of drought on plant increased according to decreased water hold capacity (60% and 40% hold water capacity). It was decreased significantly with increasing drought stress as compared with control plants. Further, spraying Moringa Oleifera leaf extract (MLE30) alone caused a noticeable improvement in all of mentioned growth parameters compared to untreated plants, indicating the higher efficiency of growth, development in the presence of (MLE30) supplementation.

Conclusion: The present results suggest that Moringa leaf extract (MLE 30) could trigger the activation of physiological compounds persist in plants to alleviate the oxidative damage causing by drought, leading to improvements in physiological and biochemical aspects for the plant growth under drought conditions. Moringa leaves extracts can be used to alleviate the adverse effect of water deficit stress.

The complete research can be read here: Using Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract as a Bio-fertilizer for Drought

Rania S. Hanafy#
Biological and Geological Sciences Department, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, 1575 Cairo, Egypt
Egypt. J.Bot. Vol. 57, No.2, pp.281-292 (2017)

Effect of Moringa Leaf Extract on Pepper Seed Germination

Effect of Moringa Leaf Extract on Pepper Seed Germination.

Effect of Moringa Leaf Extract on Pepper Seed Germination.

Pepper field at Siem Reap, Cambodia area.

Pepper Seedlings Improvement, Growth, Fruit Yield and its Quality.

Pepper-Siem-Reap-AreaPepper (Capsicum annuum L.) is considering an important fruit vegetable crop belong to family Solanaceae which remembered since more than 6000 years ago (Perry et al., 2007). It is the second most important vegetable in the world after tomato for internal consumption and for export. Pepper fruit is rich in vitamins A and C and contain appreciable quantities of proteins and minerals Temu and Temu (2005) and Olaniyi and Ojetayo (2010).


Organic Moringa Farm Baca-Villa at Cambodia.

The Moringa leaf extract (MLE) is consider as a natural plant growth regulator where, it is a source of zeatin which it is natural derivative of cytokinin, proteins, vitamins E, phenolics, ascorbates, essential amino acid and several mineral elements, making to putting it as a potential natural growth stimulant, as mentioned by Emongor (2012), Rady et al. (2013), Howladar (2014) and Rady et al. (2015). Other reports have been showed that Moringa extract play as a plant hormone which enhances seed germination, growth and yield of crops. MLE foliar spray improved crop performance, resulting from its role on vigorous plant growth, maintained optimum tissue water status, improved membranes stability, enhanced antioxidant content, as mentioned by Anwar and Bhanger (2003), Nagar et al. (2006) Yasmeen et al. (2012), Yasmeen et Middle East J. Agric. Res., 6(2): 448-463, 2017 ISSN: 2077-4605 449 al. (2013) and Rehman et al. (2014). Continue reading

The advanced of Moringa-Spirulina tablets

The advanced of Moringa-Spirulina tablets.

The advanced of Moringa-Spirulina tablets

Spirulina sprinkles


Moringa Leaves

A Study proved that the combination of Moringa-Spirulina tablets is more comprehensive nutrition, more balanced proportion of natural nutritional supplement tablets with Moringa Oleifera leaves and Spirulina the two nutrients which have complementary natural food ingredients.

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